Android App Development

In this .com era, everything is digital. People have learned the art of turning every manual effort into automatic. Moreover, ecommerce has brought every service and product like detergent to flight tickets at your fingertips. Thanks to android app development that has made our lives so much easier. If you are also interested in gathering information on mobile app development, continue reading further.


Steps by step guide to Android App Development


If you are owning an ecommerce business, mobile app development is a very crucial factor for your online business. Mobile is one of the most common devices and this has been a boon for ecommerce owners. The process of android app development passes via 6 steps and they are as follows, 

  • Strategy 

Strategizing the entire process is the basis of Android App Development. In this step, you can draft a list of features they want to include in their app. This step determines the objectives and the strategies of the app. Works that you need to do in this step are as follows,

  • Recognize the users of the app and then proceed accordingly
  • Do proper research on your competitors 
  • Confirm the objectives and the goal of your app
  • Choose a platform for your app

  • Planning and survey

At this phase, the app will be taking a shape and it will convert to an actual project. Once you are on this step, you need to start surveying your app and planning on the functional features you want to add to your app. 


Once you done with identifying the needs of your app, draft a list of products you want to include. At this step, you need to group the elements that you want in your app. If you feel that the main concern of your app is cost, time and resources then define your minimum viable product and prepare your app for launch.


While planning for your app you need to identify the type of development that you need for app development. Programming languages like Java and Kotlin are used for android app development. 


Are you done with naming your app? If not yet, then by now you should start fixing the name of your app as app names are just like domain names, i.e. they need to be unique within the app store where you launch your app. To ease your work and save time, you can conduct research on different app stores to ensure that your chosen name is not in use.

  • UI/UX design

The main benefit that you get by developing an app for your ecommerce website is to reach out to more clients through their mobiles. Thus for Android App Development, you need to make your app effortless for clients.  The success of the android app is based on the adaptability and the ease with which clients use your app and benefit from it. 


The purpose of UX design in your app is to make the application user-friendly, interactive, and fun to use. Whereas UI works on letting your ecommerce clients have proper access to all their needs in your app. Tools used by professionals for the best UI/UX development are as follows,

  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop


Parts of UI/UX design

  • Wire framing 

Once you done with planning, it is now time to construct a wireframe of the app. Well, the wireframe is the pillar of the android app. It lets you have an idea of the working procedure of the app. Not only this, but it also lets you have an estimation of the time you required to complete Android App Development. Also wire framing plays a major role in creating a smooth and flawless android mobile app.

  • Workflow design

In this step, you need to design a proper workflow of the app. Workflow design depends on the data that users will be able to fetch and the user interaction of the app. 

  • Style guides

Style guides are the last step of UI/UX design. There are lots of guidelines that you need to follow while android app development. And thus in this step, you meet the app design standards, work on creating the navigating symbols, and the branding guidelines. 


  1. Testing

 Continuous testing of the app is very important to identify the required rectification. Also, it is very important to test the working of an app after every step to build a quality app. The further you move in developing an app, the more the expenses of fixing the bugs in your android application. 


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